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Zone System Companion is a new application for the iPhone® and iPod Touch® designed to enhance the use of the Zone System for creative photographers.  Zone System Companion streamlines the collection of the traditional elements of Zone System data recording.  Zone System Companion also offers innovative features that enhance the photographer’s understanding of each photograph. 

In addition to the classic entry of camera, lens, film, exposure and development adjustment, Zone System Companion includes the ability to annotate the shot record with a photograph, a voice recording and a precise geographic location.  Photographing the view camera on its tripod with the scene being photographed offers unparalleled reflection.  Describing the scene in a voice recording will add an immediacy not available when using paper forms.  Charting your shots geographically will provide accuracy, and, if necessary, repeatability.

These additions will supply the creative photographer with a rich set of data to improve understanding and previsualization.  After returning from the shooting session, the photographer will be able to export the pertinent information about the session and enter the darkroom with a refreshed understanding of what was experienced in the field.

Zone System Companion